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Snells Beach Shorebirds

A temporary fence has been installed at the north end of Snells Beach. The purpose of the fence is to help beach users identify the most important areas for shorebirds at high tide, and to 'save them a spot' for roosting on days when the beach is busy.

The fence is open on the water side to strike a balance between creating a roosting space for shorebirds at high tide and to be less intrusive to beach users at low tide when shorebirds are foraging.

Please avoid walking inside this area at high tide and/or when the birds are using the space. Shorebirds will select roosting sites daily based on habitat availability – they may not roost in the fenced area at every high tide, however, the intention of the fence is to ensure a safe refuge is available to them. This space may also provide extra protection for nesting dotterels.

Please always give any nesting, roosting, or foraging birds a wide berth (> 20m). If they start looking unsettled please move back and give them more space.


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