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Opportunity: Te Waka Hiringa Tangata, Spirit of Adventure

The Ngāti Manuhiri Settlement Trust has an amazing opportunity for one lucky person to attend a 10-day development voyage onboard Te Waka Hiringa Tangata Spirit of Adventure.

A 10 Day Voyage on board Spirit of New Zealand is a life-changing experience – unlocking your potential, leaving you ready to face your future!

You’ll be one of over a thousand young Kiwis each year who get on board to experience the trip of a lifetime. You’ll leave with a whole new set of skills, lots of new friends, and a new confidence to take on the challenges in life. The whole voyage is based on learning by doing. You’ll face all sorts of challenges and take part in lots of activities on the ship, on the water, and on the shore. Leaving you with a level of self-empowerment only found on the Spirit of New Zealand.

Increased confidence and skills: On Spirit, you’ll improve your communication and leadership skills and learn the importance of self-awareness and being a part of a team. As you face the various challenges your confidence will increase as you increasingly move outside of your comfort zone.

New friends and connections: You’ll meet 39 other young kiwis from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures. Over 10 days you will come to depend on each other, learn tolerance and acceptance and create close and lasting bonds. Once you leave the ship you are connected to the Spirit community for life! You’ll have the opportunity to return as a crew member and share your experiences with others.

Participants must:

  • be a registered member of the Ngāti Manuhiri Settlement Trust

  • be aged between 16-18 years (must not have had 19th birthday)

  • meet the medical criteria of the voyage

  • agree to the code of conduct /terms and conditions of the voyage

  • Be able to get themselves to and from Auckland location

For more information or to view the medical criteria and code of conduct/terms and conditions please go to:


Register Your Interest

The Ngāti Manuhiri Settlement Trust will be accepting applicants from 02-August-2021 to 31-August-2021.

Please complete the form or contact for more information


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