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Hihi Translocation: Tiritiri Matangi to Shakespear Regional Park

40 Hihi were translocated from Tiritiri Matangi to Shakespear Regional Park on Friday 3 July, 2020.

Photo source: Laurence Smith -

The Ngāti Manuhiri Settlement Trust, Mana Whenua, and mandated authority for both Tiritiri Matangi and Shakespear Regional Park supported Auckland Council, Shakespear Open Sanctuary Society (SOSSI) and the NZ Defence Force with the translocation of 40 Hihi.

The Hihi, or "Sitchbird" in reo pākeha, are a taonga species and one of Aotearoa's rarest birds.

Carmen Hetaraka, Cultural and Heritage Advisor for the Ngāti Manuhiri Settlement Trust accompanied the manu birds from Tiritiri Matangi to their new home in Shakespear Regional Park.

What is a translocation?

Translocation is the managed movement of live indigenous plants or animals (taonga) from one location to another. Translocation covers the entire process, including planning, the transfers, release, monitoring, and post-release management.

A translocation can have one or more transfers. A transfer is the physical moving of the plant or animal from one location to another and its release.

Translocations are carried out:

  • As a short or long-term way to increase a species’ chance of survival or recovery - a translocation enables new populations to be established, existing populations to be enhanced, or locally extinct species to be re-established.

  • As part of a restoration programme.

  • To establish a species for a specific purpose such as advocacy, education or scientific study.

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