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Te Au ō Moana stands as the cornerstone ocean strategy meticulously crafted by the Ngāti Manuhiri Settlement Trust. This strategic framework encapsulates a wide array of concerted efforts and visionary projects aimed at restoration, mitigation, and the safeguarding of our ocean environments. It serves as a holistic blueprint, unifying the Trust's dedicated leadership and execution of initiatives intended to revitalise, preserve, and shield our ocean ecosystems.


Through this multifaceted strategy, we endeavour to uphold our commitment to sustainable stewardship, nurturing a harmonious balance between community engagement, ecological revival, and the long-term protection of our precious marine resources.



Exotic caulerpa seaweed was first discovered at Aotea Great Barrier Island in 2021 and it has now spread to several locations including Iris Shoal, Kawau Island in Te Moananui-ā-Toi (Hauraki Gulf). International evidence outlines that speed is of the essence when combatting this weed, however the Government is at risk of missing the opportunity to eliminate it. 

Marine Protected Areas

Marine Protected Areas (MPA's) are designated areas that are completely protected from the sea surface to the seafloor, including the foreshore. The entire area is strictly 'no take', including marine life, shells, rocks and driftwood.

Despite these restrictions, a range of activities that do not harm marine life are still permitted in marine reserves, such as swimming, snorkelling, boating and diving.

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If harmful pests and diseases get into New Zealand, they can cause damage. Biosecurity New Zealand focuses on stopping them at the border or getting rid of the ones already here.

Staying Safe in the Water

Safeswim provides real-time advice on the level of risk associated with swimming at specific locations. Safeswim allows beach users to make informed decisions on when and where to swim.

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A rāhui (a physical and spiritual mechanism) sets a temporary prohibition around the rāhui area for different reasons. 

Click on the tiles below to view our most recent pānui with regards to our kaupapa moana. 

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